Financial Immersion + Inclusion Experience Series

Behaviors and aspirations drastically change across the economic spectrum, which is why PayPal created their Financial Inclusion Experience, an immersive workshop designed to put employees in the shoes of the financially underserved. In a documentary-style triptych approach, we tracked the experiences of PayPal employees in this program, capturing first-hand how they develop a more personal understanding of PayPal customers’ unique challenges and needs.


We followed PayPal employees as they attempted to get a loan without a bank account, send money back home to family, or get an advance on a paycheck to pay bills – all things that are extremely difficult through traditional avenues.

In addition to capturing this program in the United States, Osmosis followed PayPal employees in Berlin, Germany who  participated in the Financial Inclusion Experience.

The Osmosis team was a critical partner on a series of videos that brought PayPal’s corporate mission to life. Our assignment was humanize the struggles of consumers and merchants outside of the financial system. It’s a challenge to create storytelling around digital technology, but Osmosis’ creative and hands-on approach resulted in content we continue to leverage to reach multiple audiences.”
—Amanda Coffee, Lead Manager, Corporate Communications

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