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Going Varsity in Mariachi

This documentary film, set against the backdrop of the economically depressed borderlands of southern Texas, follows the Edinburg North High School mariachi band, led by the indomitable Coach Abel Acuña, over the course of the 2021-2022, where the students must juggle the drama and distractions of high school life while embracing their heritage culture and mastering the art of mariachi.



Still image of the band performing on stage from Going Varsity in Mariachi

Mariachi is more than a style of music –it’s a conduit for accessing and confronting emotions that might otherwise stay bottled up. The teen musicians of Mariachi Oro are confronting a spectrum of hurdles that face young people growing up in the borderlands. For some this means being a first-generation immigrant translating English-language documents for Spanish-speaking parents. For others it means being a Mexican-American child with parents who work for Border Patrol.

Still image of a student playing a string instrument

At Edinburg North High School, several students’ parents, administrators, and teachers have died from the virus. In many ways, mariachi is a respite from stress and tragedy. A second family.

Still image of a mariachi awards

Spurred by the beauty and resilience in the music, the musicians of Mariachi Oro embody the spirit, vivacity, and future of mariachi.

Going Varsity in Mariachi will be released in 2022. Learn more here.

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