Sundrop Farms

Brand Film Series

Sundrop Farms is radically transforming traditional agriculture methods into sustainable processes using inputs of sunlight and seawater alone. In this multi-part branded series, we tell the story of Sundrop’s innovative product, world-class team, and mission, tailored for the company’s key audiences of investors, recruits, and grocery retailers.

Artistic Approach

In addition to capturing on-and off-site interviews with staff and stunning b-roll of the Australian landscape, we overlaid colorful technical animations that concisely explain Sundrop’s scientific processes while highlighting company metrics.

“Osmosis was one of the few production companies that quickly and easily understood our business. With minimal effort for our organization they were able to bring our company story, culture, people and vision to life. We could not have been happier with our working relationship and end product.”
—Philipp Saumweber, Founder & CEO


miles from New York City to Port Augusta, Australia


films produced by Osmosis Films


tons of tomatoes produced by Sundrop Farms every year

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